Scholarship Application

Would you like to attend a Sangha event or a retreat but don't feel your budget can handle the expense?  PHS would like to offer help.  Please fill out the application below and return to Sangha.

Peaceful Heart Sangha Scholarship Application
Email/best phone #:

Thich-Nhat Hahn-based event/retreat I wish to attend:

Date(s) of event:
Total Cost of event:
Amount that I could afford to pay:
Amount requested in scholarship funds:
How long have I practiced meditation and how do I think that attending this event will help to further my practice?

Would I be willing to share some of my experience of the class/retreat with the sangha?

Please complete and return to Lynn, Greg or Marty at sangha or email your information to for review. You can expect to hear back from the scholarship committee within 2 weeks. 

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