Monday, July 2, 2018

                        2019 January Intensive with the Peaceful Heart Sangha:

 Each January, some of us may choose to focus/deepen our practice in small or large ways. All are invited to attend the opening (9am-1pm on Saturday January 5, 2019) and closing (9am-1pm on Saturday February 2, 2019) days, choose a "second body"-a sangha member with whom we can connect with 1:1 over the month and  to write our intentions down on the January Intensive format below:


The dark, quiet beginning of the new year is an ideal opportunity to commit to the deepening of our meditation practice and to experiment with new ways to bring our mindfulness practice into our daily lives. We each look deeply to see what would nourish us, help us move closer to our deepest aspirations, help us to gradually change the things that hold us back from happiness. We might consider adding a short sitting or walking meditation to our day, having a silent mindful meal or a silent cup of tea or coffee, reading a book, choosing a part of the Dharma to study & practice, or any of a number of things. Please print this out, fill out what you would like, and bring it to the opening session Jan 6.  We will also have a few printed copies at the first session. Pick one or two commitments, or as many as feel comfortable, or make up some others.

Sitting, Walking, Eating Meditation: This month, I intend to practice: ______________________________________________________________________________


      Mindfulness: This month, I will try to be fully present as I perform one simple daily task: ______________________________________________________________________________

      Precepts and Study: This month I will observe my own behavior in light of one of the Five Mindfulness Trainings &/or I will read/study a particular sutra, teaching, or book ______________________________________________________________________________

Dharma Talks & Practice: During this month I intend to listen to ____ Dharma Talks (eg, &/or will practice a personal retreat or Day of Mindfulness. ______________________________________________________________________________

    Service Practice: Practicing generosity, I will offer my time and resources in the following way: __________________________________________________________________________

     Second body practice: For the duration of this month, I intend to share with _________________ at least __ times and to listen to _______________________ at least ___ times per month.  (Second Bodies will be announced at the opening session)

Sangha Gatherings: My commitment for this month is to attend (opening and/or closing session, weekly sangha, etc.) ________________________________________________________________________________



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